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Check out the new stumps added on 6/9/2013

Building that special table, Wanting something different? Check out our cedar stumps and cedar log post. We will post new pictures of our cedar stump and porch post here,

We have stumps rangeing in size from 4" up to and exceeding 48" in diameter, Our cedar stumps can be cleaned and cut to size on request. There will be an addition charge to cut the stumps to heigth needed.

Most items will be available to ship but due to size of the stumps please email with shipping address and size looking for.

Stumps shown below are cleaned of bark only..

We do offer flating of the bottom for an additional $50.00 this will get it pretty flat but you might still have to sand or grind a little here and there

We also offerr sanding of the stump to 150 griit for additional $50.00 but this must also include flatening the bottom 

cedar stump

Cedar Table stump

This would be a nice stump for a large side table or a small coffee table. 

Stump is about 29" wide and 22" deep and 36" tall

Bottom is chain sawed cut but has not been leveled flat,

Stump has been cleaned of all bark, bark showing is just loose spray.

  Stump is about 22   vanity stump base    vanity stump-4    coffee table base 5    coffee table stump    table base stump    cedar stump    cedar stump
Dining Table Stump Base

Very heavy and stout cedar tree stump. This would support a Kitchen table or large coffee table, Stump is 32" tall and 24" wide and about 19" deep. Stump can be cut flat to heigth required.

Stump #5 is large enough to support a kitchen or dinning table at 30' tall 

Stumps #6 and #7 are 24" - 28" tall could work for dining table but would need a thick top or a spacer board to raise to 30" 

Email address for shipping quote.
Additional charge for cutting stump to size.

     stump    cedar stump  side sm    cedar stump  sm    cedar stump  sm    cedar stump  side sm    cedar stump  sm    cedar stump  side sm
table stumps

Cedar Stumps

These stumps will make great bases for your tables, 

We can get you any size stump your wanting.

These stumps have been cut with a chain saw and are not flat.

Please call or email for shipping quote.


  Cedar Stump
nice 24   stump sm    stump sm    stump sm   
Cedar Stump

32" tall 32" wide at base and 24" deep.

Stump #565


A NOTE ABOUT OUR PRICES & SHIPPING: All prices on our site DO NOT include shipping. When you are ready to order please email or call us at (989) 786-5089. We do this because we would rather quote your the exact shipping cost to your door. We want your business and want to give you the best possible pricing on our high-quality hand crafted log furniture.