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Log Shelves and Log Mantles

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Rustic and Log Mantles and shelves

Rustic handcrafted log shelves and mantles. You will find many different shelves and wall art items, We will build to fit your needs. Most items here are items we have built and sold or built for stock.

We will build shelves out of any material such as cedar, pine, oak, walnut, roots, and the like.

If you see something you might like but need it a little bigger or maybe longer or shorter let us know.

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Root Shelf

Rustic Shelves,

We will build any size or shape wanted,

Our shelves can be built for any type of wood including cedar, walnut, pine even, wormy maple.

Drop us a line and see what we can create for your wall space.

Or view and pick from the many items below.


Cedar Root Shelf

Cedar Wall Root Shelf

We create these great looking wall art shelves from the root of the cedar tree.  We use the section of the tree that is buried in the mud, These are dugged out and cleand and wwe will attached a nice cedar slab or even a walnut shelf to use as a mantle or a place to showcasr your favroit tropyh.

We will build these to order  to any size and shape requested,

This unit is about 36" wide and 30" tall

  Walnut Shelf with cedar root base.   walnut shelf   
Pine Log Mantle

Log Mantles

We will creat these mantles in many different wood types, Pine, cedar, barnwood,oak,even maple and red cedar.

All material is kiln dried to minimize checking and cracking.

Mantles can vary in size from small wall hanging shelves to Large 12' fireplace mantles.

Drop us an email to get your log mantle quote today.

  Pine mantles starting at $450.00   cedar_log_mantle    flare_support   
Walnut shelf

Rustic Handcrafted Walnut Shelf

These unit are built to the depth and size you need,

As shown is 60" long and 8" deep walnut natural edge slab with a walnut log as a support. Log is about 4" diameter. Bark was left on the log and just enough walnut was hewned through to show the darks and lights of the log.

Half Log Shelf

Half Log Mantles and shelves.

We use full quarter logs for the shelf, We can make them to any size requested. The support brackets are full logs with a keyhole bracket on the back to mount to wall,

These are the perfect rustic item for the walls small enough to put anywhere.
about 3" - 5" deep and 30" long


A NOTE ABOUT OUR PRICES & SHIPPING: All prices on our site DO NOT include shipping. When you are ready to order please email or call us at (989) 786-5089. We do this because we would rather quote your the exact shipping cost to your door. We want your business and want to give you the best possible pricing on our high-quality hand crafted log furniture.