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Bookcases and Shelf

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Our handcrafted bookcases and shelf units are made to order, We will build form many different speices, and to any size requirements you might have.

Units shown below are samples of items we have built a few are available for sale but if not we will build your unit to fit your needs,

Our Walnut shelfs and made from the cut off of the saw logs at the mills giving them a vary unique look and feel, We try to harvest the logs at a certain time of the year allowing us to maintain the bark edge, Shelves will all be natural edge.

We apply about 10 coats of rub on finish for a very durable finish.

Our Log units are built from Natural cedar logs and natural cedar slabs,

We sand the logs smooth to a 150 grit ready for your finish. if you choose to.

Call or email us for quotes on your special unit and shipping

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Walnut natural edge book shelves.

as shown unit is 42" wide and 30" tall and about 16" deep, We use kinldried walnut cut offs and bark edge slabs, Giving these unit a truly one of a kind class.

Each unit is built with different walnut slabs and sized to fit, We can build these unit close to your measurements but resticted to natural slab sizes.

We will also buld shorter or taller.


Cedar Bookcase

Handcrafted Cedar Bookcase

Cedar slabs and logs create this one of a kind bookcase. Stands a full 72" tall and 36" wide and about 15" deep.

Shelves and sides are crafted out of natural edge cedar slabs. some will still have bark edges.

Have our family craft's one of these bookcase to fit your needs, any size or shape, drop us a line to get one started for you.

These units are sanded to a 150 grit ready for your finish.

  Rustic Cedar furniture   cedar bookcase.   
Cedar Book Case

Cedar Log Bookcase,

Bookcase can be built to the size you need, Using all natural cedar material, shelves will have natural edges with maybe some bark, sanded to a 150 grit, Corner post are all natural cedar logs, ranging in size to fir the unit.

Units can be built with or with out backs or sides, We can have fixed shelveing or adjustable units.

These units are sanded to a 150 grit ready for your finish.


A NOTE ABOUT OUR PRICES & SHIPPING: All prices on our site DO NOT include shipping. When you are ready to order please email or call us at (989) 786-5089. We do this because we would rather quote your the exact shipping cost to your door. We want your business and want to give you the best possible pricing on our high-quality hand crafted log furniture.