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Rustic Furniture pieces we have just completed. Be the first to see and purchase these great one of a kind log furniture items.




Handcrafted Plant Stand
Handcrafted Plant Stand

Handcrafted Cedar tree Plant Stand.

Great for any room of the house

These stands are great for the bathroom, Use the shelf to hold a plant or display, and use the natural limbs as a towel hanger or for the plant vines. Tree is natural cedar sanded and finished with a satin poly.

Walnut Television Stand
Walnut Television Stand

Walnut Television Stand

This three shelf unit is all natural edge walnut slabs, Stand is about 16" deep and 27" tall. 52" long.

We used natural cedar logs as legs and each is a forked leg.

Accented with cedar limbs,

All finished with a hand rubbed satin finish.

Floor Lamp side table
Floor Lamp side table

Rustic Cedar Log Floor Lamp

Needing a table and a little more lighting, This lamp will fill the need, Lamp is 7" natural cedar log with all the natural character of the woods, We sand to a dustable finish,(for the home cleaners) but leave enough to enjoy the natural beauty.

We then ad a wlnut natural slab base and a few cedar limbs to support the table, All is finished with a natural satin finish.

Ready for your glasses and books, great place to stash the remote.

Lamp is 52" tall and table is about 16" x 24" and 2" thick.

Lamps has a 3 way bulb switch


Cedar Vanity

This vanity is raised off the floor 6" on full cedar logs for legs

Vanity is 40" wide and 20" deep stands 36" tall

This unit has four pull out full extension cedar shelf, for easy access to all inside

Finished in a hand rubbed satin finsk

Sink to is a Bowl purchased from Ikea http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/60148310/


Sink is set up as a double bowl with twin fixtures (not supplied)




  Cedar Vanity raised 6  
Natural Edge Table
Natural Edge Table

Black Walnut Natural Edge Dining Table

Table is 2" thick Natural edge black walnut slab

Lot of grain to this slab, The exisiting knot hole voids will filled with river stones. for a smooth table finish

Stump is a large three treed base.

Benches are walnut, sitting on two nice cedar stumps with some cedar limbs for accent.

All has a hand rubbed satin finish for years of great use.

Included: 2 benches and table.

  Inlaid stone in walnut slab   dining table walnut sm    hickory chair sm   
Walnut Boulder table
Walnut Boulder table

Handcrafted Walnut Coffee table

This is really one of a kind. This slab had a large hole with the knot fell out, It was just the right side for a childs head, So we pluged it with a pretty stone

Table is about 66" long and 37" wide and 18" tall

Sits on two large cedar stumps and a few cedar limbs for accent.

  Boulder Tab;e  
Red Cedar Bar
Red Cedar Bar

Handcrafted Red Cedar Bar

This bar stands 42" tall and is made from a unique free form cedar slab. Slab is about 64" long and 22" deep

Red Cedr Bottle shelf for the tall bottles, 

Both have a high gloss epoxy bar coat finish

Tall tree stump has a mason jar globe with a olf fashion edison style light bulb

Base stump has three trees growing from one base, all accented with cedar limbs

Includes 4 White cedar stump stools with 1000 lbs rated swivels, and red cedar tops.

  Red caer dar   red cedar bar  sm   
Cedar Coffee Table
Cedar Coffee Table

Cedar Slab Coffee Table

This very wide cedar slab is a single trunck with three large limbs, goes from about 18" at the one end to 34" at the wide end.

Lots of bark inclusion in this slab. top is over 2" thick.

Sits on two large cedar stumps,

Top has a rub on finish by Minwax for years of maintance free luster.

Just completed for your home.

  Wide slab coffee table   DSCN sm    DSCN sm   
Walnut Coffee table
Walnut Coffee table

Handcrafted Walnut Coffee Table

This is a unique walnut natural edge walnut slab coffee table.

Table is about 24" wide  60" long anf 17 1/2" tall

Base was created from using old red pine roots that have been buried along the old farm fields for maybe hundreds of years, these are being dug up and reporposed for many different uses.

  Black Walnut Coffee table   coffee table    wide walnut slab   
Cedar Coat Tree with stump
Cedar Coat Tree with stump

Cedar Stump coat tree

Coat tree with a stump seat, large natural cedar branch with a 36" spread and 96" tall, three natural limbs to hang your jackets and scarves, Great 18" tall cedar stump to sit on to tie the shoes.

We will build these to fit your needs, as tall and or wide as you want,

These are all natural branches for coat hooks.

Hand Crafted Cedar Dresser
Hand Crafted Cedar Dresser

Handcrafted Dresser

Ready to go

This Item is ready to ship to yur location, 

Handcrafted Cedar dresser. Dresser is 36" wide and 42" tall, Top is about 22" deep/

Drawers are all cedar with 100 lbs ball bearing full extension drawer slides

All natural cedar construction, we craft our own side panels from cedar slabs,this wat we can leave tthe natural edge's and give you that real rustic look. Top is also made of 2" thich cedar slabs.

Dresser is then coated withabout 8 coats of hand rubbed finish by Mary's hands.

 This unit has sold, but we cn handcrafte your in just a few weeks. Give us a call


Walnut Vanity
Walnut Vanity

Handcrafted Rustic Black Walnut Vanity

These units are crafted with a natural edge cedar slabs, glued up for sides and bottom, We construct all drawers from cedar board, 1" Thick, Corners are glued and nailed.Drawer fronts are natural edge walnut outer slabs,

Doors are made from walnut slabs. Doors and drawers have cedar branch pulls.

Top is a glued up 2" natural edge walnut slab, with natural backsplash

We can build these in any size required.

Rustic Gun Cabinet
Rustic Gun Cabinet

Rustic Cedar Gun Cabinet

Will hold 6 guns in upper unit. All natural edge glued up cedar panels, Self closing door hinges. Hand rubbed oil finish.

Unit is 72" tall 36" wide and 22" deep.

Drawers have full extension ball bearing slides. with natural cedar edge drawer faces, with some of the natural bark edges.

Cedar log hand pulls on doors and drawers.

  Upper side view, Cedar panels with bark edge   gun cabinet interior    gun cabinet interior sm   
Cedar Branch Bench
Cedar Branch Bench

Cedar Bench

This is a nice high back cedar bench, all natural northern white cedar, Bench is about 42" long 48" tall an 24" deep. Truley one of a kind item.This one is ready to go, sealed with a hand rubbed oil finish by minwax.

Cedar Bookcase
Cedar Bookcase

Handcrafted Cedar Bookcase

Cedar slabs and logs create this one of a kind bookcase. Stands a full 72" tall and 36" wide and about 15" deep.

Shelves and sides are crafted out of natural edge cedar slabs. some will still have bark edges.

Have our family craft's one of these bookcase to fit your needs, any size or shape, drop us a line to get one started for you.

These units are sanded to a 150 grit ready for your finish.

  Rustic Cedar furniture   cedar bookcase.   
Walnut Dining Table Set
Walnut Dining Table Set

Black Walnut Dining Room table set

This natural edge Black Walnut table is handcrafted by Cedar Stuff from Lewiston Michigan. We used two large walnut slabs for the top, these are about 2" thick and widest point about 48" and 84" long. Lots of curly grain going on in there.

Becnches are also natural walnut slabs with the outer tree slab as the bench supports, Benches are about 12" wide and 84" long and 17" tall

To complete the set we have included two cedar a frame style chairs with walnut slab seat and backs, 

All having a hand rubbed finish for years of ever lasting beauty.

  Walnut Table Set  
Walnut Television Table
Walnut Television Table

Handcraft Rustic Walnut

Natural edge walnut Television stand

Table as shown is 36" wide and 24" tall and 14" deep
We use a natural edge walnut slab thats almost 2" thick. That is sealed with about 10 coats of a hand rubbed minwax oil finish.

Base legs are natural cedar logs about 3-4" diameter accented with cedar branches, Shelf is also natural edge walnut.

Will build these unit to any size needed.

  Walnut Television stand  
Walnut Hall Table
Walnut Hall Table

Walnut Sofa Tabll

This natural edge hall table is 27" wide 16" deep and 29 tall. Top is 2" thick. all has a natural rubbed on satin finish, cedar stumps as a base


Sold but can build you one to the size you need

  Walnut Hall Table  
Walnut Wine Rack
Walnut Wine Rack

Natural edge Walnut Bar and wine storage

Tabls 41"wide 17" deep and 36" tall

top is a very noce walnut crocth log with a nice look and graining.

Legs are cedar along with cedar branches accent\

42" Bar Wine rack - $750.00

60" Bar - $975.00

add glass holder to bottom side $150

  Walnut Wine Table Bar  
Walnut Pub table
Walnut Pub table

Walnut Pub Style table

Table is 37" tall and about 36 x 32" Top is 2" thick natural edge slab. 

Table top has 6 coats of a hand rub minwax satin finish

Walnut stools are 27" tall with cedar legs

  walnut pub table,walnut dinning table   pu table  sm   
Handcrafted Cedar Log Armoire
Handcrafted Cedar Log Armoire

Handcrafter Rustic Cedar Armoire

This unit is great for the larger sweater or Jeans, or we can make it fit the television. We have 2 - 7" tall x 36"wide and 18" deep drawers and a large shelf area on top. Open the two doors to find 2 adjustable cedar shelves These unit will fit the bedroom and Television just great. With the natural log accent door handle and drawer pulls. Top is a 2" natural live edge cedar slab. Cedar slabs are used on the sides.  Unit approx, size is 36" x 24" x 52"

  handcrafted cedar armoire,log corners   PICT    log armoire side sm    armoires sm    armoires drawer sm    armoires  sm   
redwood coffee table
redwood coffee table

Rustic Redwood Coffee Table

AS NATURAL AS YOU CAN GET, This one of a kind rare find is just what your looking for, nice large natural edge redwood slab, This hand crafted redwood coffee table has all the curly grains and unique coloring and natural indentations. Finished with 10 coats of natural looking satin finish, hand rubbed polyurethane

Almost a full 3" thick all 95% natural edge , about 36" wide and 56" long 17" tall sitting on a natural cedar stump.


  Redwood slab table   redwood coffee   sm   
Walnut Stump Entertainment Center
Walnut Stump Entertainment Center

Handcrafted Walnut Entertainment Center

Handcrafted to your needs, As shown is a unit to hold a 50" TV, Cedar stumps flanking the two sides act as spaeker or feature item towers, 

Natural edge walnut slabs create the shelves, these two walnut shelves are about 20" deep and 52" long.

These very rustic yet elegnet units are the pefect eye catcher. Beautiful yet practical.


Sold but we can build anotehr for your home

  Walnut TV stand,with cedar stumps as speaker towers  
Linen Closet and Vanity
Linen Closet and Vanity


Handcrafted Cedar Linen and bathroom cabinets

We now offer Linen closet and vanity combination units, This unit is 60" wide and 72" tall and 18" deep, Line closet is 24" wide with shelves, two full length doors with plenty of storage space, Attached is a 36" vanity with two drawers and storage area, All built with rustic cedar slabs, Full extension drawer slides.

These unit will be built to your size and needs.



  All natural edge cedar panels   linen closet vanity sm    cedar linnen cabinet sm    log linen rack side sm    DSCF sm   
Rustic Walnut Coffee Table
Rustic Walnut Coffee Table

Handcrafted Rustic Walnut coffee table

This custom made natural edge walnut slab was made into a great coffee table by a couple in Northern Michigan, This table measures about 60" long and 27" wide and 17" tall.

Has bark edge all the way around this slab and lots of character through out. Has  a satin finish that will protect this surface for many years.

Sorry Folks this table has sold

  Handcrafted Walnut Table  

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