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Handcrafted Log Lamps

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Our Log Lamps

We handcraft our lamps right off the forest floor. We will use many different types of logs. Most are cedar but we also have Oak, Maple, and any other interesting log we can find. All hardware is made in USA solid brass 3 way fixtures,  with 8' cord and 10" harps.

We have a nice selection of Floor lamps with attached tables, perfect for along side recliners and side chairs.  We will build these with any type of wood to match your decor.

Please note some have shades included and others do not. If you like a certain shade let us know and we might be able to swap them out. Or sell with or without.

View the pictures of theLamps we have  below, We will special build any lamp you request.

Shipping is not included unless stated, Please contact us for shipping quote

 Some of these have sold but will make close to if possible.



Floor Lamp side table

Rustic Cedar Log Floor Lamp

Needing a table and a little more lighting, This lamp will fill the need, Lamp is 7" natural cedar log with all the natural character of the woods, We sand to a dustable finish,(for the home cleaners) but leave enough to enjoy the natural beauty.

We then ad a wlnut natural slab base and a few cedar limbs to support the table, All is finished with a natural satin finish.

Ready for your glasses and books, great place to stash the remote.

Lamp is 52" tall and table is about 16" x 24" and 2" thick.

Lamps has a 3 way bulb switch

Red Pime root lamp

Red Pine Root Lamps

These red pine roots are hundreds of years old, They are being dug out of the ground from old farm fields where they have been buried for maybe hundreds or years,

These roots are very solid in pine resin which creats the deep red coloring.

They are all different in the fact of shape and size,

They all have 3 way brass light sockets, with brown cord.

They have all been cleaned and sealed with a satin finish polyurathane

If your looking for two that might be alike let us know and we can see about building you a few.


  Red pine root lamp $225.00   picture sm    picture  sm    picture  sm   
Rustic Wall Sconce

Handcrafted Rustic Wall Sconce

Our wall sconce will vary in size and shape, Wall pale will vary in size from about 7"- 10"  wide to about 14" - 18" tall.

Shades are 9" base and included.

Lamps can be corded or hardwire. (let us know when ordering)

  Handcrafted Wall Sconce  
Walnut Slab Floor lamp

Walnut Floor Lamp

Walnut natural edge slab as the base abd back ground board.

Nice crotch slab with lots of color of deep browns and purples, Some bark is still left on.

Nice Oak log goes from floor to top to carry fixture,

Lamp is 52" tall to bottom of 3 way brass fixture.

Shade is custom made for us with real leather and hand painted by a local artist, Shade is sold seperatly 

     DSCF sm    DSCF sm    DSCF sm    DSCF sm   
Cedar Burl Lamp

Cedar Burl Floor Lamp

Very rare cedar burl, This is a great size for a cedar burl. Lamp is cedar log about 8" in diameter and 54" tall to bottom of 3 way brass socket.

Shade is sold seperate 

Shade is hand made with leather lacing top and bottom, hand painted by local artist 

Also have Cedar Burl Table lamp to match


  Cedar Burl Table lamp  
Rustic Lamp Shade

Flaux paper lamp shades, Crooss hatch stiching ads the rustic charm to these shades

Deer - Moose - Elk - Fish - Bear

Shade are available in 3 sizes 14" - 16" -18"

18" Faux oiled kraft laced lamp shade with lacing top and bottom. These shade have wrap-around scene that measures: 6" (top) x 18 (bottom) x 13" (slant). This has standard brass-plated spider" (wire) across top that works with harp (lamp bracket)- 11" recommended, but not included

16" Faux oiled kraft laced lamp shade with lacing top and bottom. These shade have wrap-around scene that measures: 6" (top) x 16 (bottom) x 11" (slant). This has standard brass-plated "spider" (wire) across top that works with harp (lamp bracket)- 9" recommended, but not included.

14" Faux oiled kraft laced lamp shade with lacing top and bottom. These shade havewrap-around scene that measures: 5" (top) x 14 (bottom) x 10" (slant). (Trees in back on each side you can't see.) This has standard brass-plated "spider" (wire) across top that works with harp (lamp bracket)- 8 1/2" recommended, but not included.

Please email for shipping quote.

  Deer Lamp shade

14 - 16- 18   moose    Fish    cowboy   
Handcrafted Log Floor Lamp

Large cedar log are used for these lamps, Minimum log size is about 8" at the base. Lamp stands 54" at the base of the all brass american made 3 way fixture. The lamp base is solid pine or walnut. all logs will have limb for extra character. Logs are finished with 4 coats of Minwax rub on finish for long lasting beauty.

Can be shipped to any location.

This lamp has sold but we have many logs like this to build another, email and ask us we can email you a pictue of the log we will use for your lamp

Handcrafted Floor Table Lamp

Handcrafted Rustic Lodge style Floor lamp

We handcraft rustic floor lamps from many different styles.
These have attached side tables

Lamps stand 54" tall to base of harp. Shade are only included on selected lamps.

Table heights are at 24", and will vary in size, We can build these lamps to your needs. 

Lamp has sold, let us know and we can build one for you

Cedar Log Lamp

Rustic handcrafted Log Lamps

This lamp has three Cedar Logs each being about 2-3" in diameter and between 7" and 12" tall the Base is a Cedar slab about 1 1/2" thick and 6" x 9" wide. Lamp has brass fixtures with a  6' brown cord. Shade is 12" tall 7" top and 14"  

All Lamps have USA made brass 3 way switches with either 8-10 cords

We can build to suit

  Cedar Log Lamp Shade Included   log lamp  sm    birch table lamp sm   
Barn Wood Lamps

Lamp is made from 130 year old barn wood. This barn is from Dundee michigan, This is one of the corner braces. We attached a handcrafted oak peg that was from the barn frame and a steel cut nail. Can be built to your needs. also floor lamps.

Cedar Log Lamp

This lamp has three Cedar Logs each being about 3" in diameter and between 7" and 12" tall the Base is a Cedar slab about 1 1/2" thick and 6" x 9" wide. Lamp has brass fixtures with a 5' brown cord. Shade is 12" tall 7" top and 14" Base Shade is Light Tan

Cedar Log Floor Lamp

Rustic Floor lamps with attached tables

Each floor lamps is different we start with a natural cedar log with a crotch to allow the table to be attached, we use los from 4" up to 16" for the massive natural look, Table size will vary so give us a call with your needs, Most are cut to a 54" lamp height and a 24" table height.

  Cedar crotch log floor lamp,Starting at $250   floor lamp walnut sm    cedar floor log lamp sm   
Cedar Root Log Lamp

This is another root lamp. Base is a cedar slab about 1 1/2" thick Lamp is about 14" tall an 12" wide with brass fixtures.

Shade is hand made with real foliage and lots of natural color when lighted. 

No two alike

Cypress Knee Lamp

Natural cypress knee lamps, Thes cypress knees as they are call are found in the marsh lands of southern United States, Every one will be different, Bottom one is about 18" tall to base of lamp switch and about 14" round at base. Lamp has a three way switch and all brass fixture, Price Includes shade. Lamp to the right is shorte at just 14" tall and about 12" at base.. both are sanded and sealed with minwax rub on finish,

Lamp with Shade $150.00

This lanp has sold but we can build on efor you.

Half Log Lamp

This lamp is different in the fact that's it created from a tree crotch, This is where the tree grew into to different limbs and the bark grew into the crotch and when the tree was felled it created the half log with bark look, very unique.

Lamp is about 20" tall to the base of the fixture, The fixture is full american made brass and is a three way switch, Lamp includes a 10" harp.


Table lamp Tourquise inlay

Handcrafted Table Lamp

Our lamp all have three way switches and 11" brass harps, with the rustic shade. This lamp is about 16" tall to bottom of harp, Has a walnut base with cedar log.

We inlaid tourquise chips in to the crack in the walnut base and then sealed with a satin finish.

This is a great conversation piece.

We do do these in many different size and shapes.

Sorry folks this lamp has sold but let us know and we can create you one of your own.


  Tourquise Inlay with walnut base  

A NOTE ABOUT OUR PRICES & SHIPPING: All prices on our site DO NOT include shipping. When you are ready to order please email or call us at (989) 786-5089. We do this because we would rather quote your the exact shipping cost to your door. We want your business and want to give you the best possible pricing on our high-quality hand crafted log furniture.