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Rustic Log Furniture and Benches

We create the right bench for you, NOT one that might fit your needs but will fit perfect. The pictures below of our log benches are only samples of benches we have built for other customers. If your looking for something a little different give us a call. Here at Cedar Stuff all of our Log Furniture is special, just the bench you need. All of our log benches are built to order.

Do you need a bench to fit in that corner under the window or to fit between the legs of your table, we will create it for you. Our benches are left as natural as possible, we do not mill any of our logs, Logs are selected from the forrest floor, We bring them to our shop and peel and smooth out the roughness and then each log is matched to fit your needs..

All logs are found by us. Most logs are found in a area that has been harvested by loggers. We have a few pictures of our benches here to review and choose your style from. Give us a call or email to get your Log bench on the next truck out.

Note: All Prices on this Site Do Not Include Shipping unless stated, Please contact us for shipping quote.



Our Newest Bench: The Conversation Bench.
cedar coversation bench thcedar coversation bench thThis free form natural log bench is a great convesation item, also be very comfortable bench is about 48" long 24" deep and 72" tall, with a nice size shelf, Also works as a tall coat rack if need be. Top rail has leather strapping and a littl tourquise beads hanging.

Own this one of a kind bench: Just $650.00

Our Log Benches

Log Stump Bench

Great Yard bench or the extra seating bench for the dining room. We make these from natural cedar stumps, , With a solid cedar slab as the seat. All stumps are different so flare will be different on each bench, stumps will range from 12" at base up to 16" at base. Can be left natural to turn a nice silver gray, of finished with a exterior on interior stain to seal and protect.

     log bench rustic stump sm   
Slab Bench

  Red cedar Bench   walnut bench  sm    rustic cedar bench sm    walnut natural edge bench sm   
Cedar Branch Bench

Cedar Bench

This is a nice high back cedar bench, all natural northern white cedar, Bench is about 42" long 48" tall an 24" deep. Truley one of a kind item.This one is ready to go, sealed with a hand rubbed oil finish by minwax.

Log Twig Bench

Frame is made from natural logs about 3" - 4" diameter back goes up about 36" and seat is about 22" on the back rest we use natural cedar branches to create a look we hope you will love. In most cases we try yo leave the bark on the twigs, but sometimes after all the hard work it falls off any ways. The seat it self is made from natural round cedar logs that we split into two end pcs. We sand, glue and screw from the bottom side.

  Cedar Branch Bench   log bench twig back sm    log bench twig back sm   
Log Arm Bench

Rustic Handcrafted Log Benches

Great benches for the great room or entry room, These natural cedar benches can even be used out doors.

Frame is made from natural logs about 3" - 4" diameter back goes up about 36" and seat is about 22" on the back rest on this style are natural half logs that we split here and sanded smooth The arms are at 28" up. The seat it self is made from natural round cedar logs that we split and slab into two in pcs. the sand and glue and screw from the bottom side.

  48 wide cedar log bench  
Entry Hutch Bench

Wow, This great bench for the entry or cottage. Has a place to store gloves and scarf's also 6 natural cedar coat pegs. Unit stands about 6' tall and about 48" wide and 24" deep. All units will vary due to log shapes and sizes.

Need a certain size? Let us know and we can build within your needs.

  entry bench   hutch bench top th    hutch bench seat th    log entry bench sm   
Cedar Log Slab Benches

These are all different, Each being made from one cedar slab. They will range in widths from 10" wide to 16" wide. All natural cedar log slab. 18" tall.

Log Bar Stools

Cedar log bar stools, these have a 30" seat height and are about 48" to the top of the back. seat is about 18" x 20" wide. all logs are left as natural as possible. legs can be twisted or crooked but stool will sit flat, Very comfortable with a little curve to the seat and back area.

     log barstool c th   
Cedar Log Stools

Cedar foot bench are great for the fireplace hearth to warm the cold winter feet. Or for the Grand kids, About 16" w 12" deep and 14" tall

Do you have a picture of your house? We can burn that image into the top for you. This would make a unique gift for someone. It takes Mary 2 hours just to wood burn this. 

Aromatic Red Cedar Bench

The red highlights to this wood is just fantastic. These benches run different widths due to the natural log slab. Full slabs widths and 2" thick make for one heavy looking bench. We use half stumps for the two side supports. Bench is 18" tall and up to 10' long, and any where from about 10" up to 16" wide. 

Black Walnut Bench

Want a sturdy heavy bench, These are made from Black Walnut, All natural edges, Size can vary, this style will be about 12" wide and 48" long and 18" tall. We use the natural bark surface edge for the legs and center support, Benches are sealed with a rub on poly finish to give that deep luster glow. Email us for your special size.

     walnut bench sm    walnut bench  sm   
Wide Cedar Log Bench

Need that extra seating, these wide style benches are great, We keep the back shorter so they can either hide in the corner or slide under the table, Benches are 28" wide and 28" tall seat is at 18". These can also be made to fit your table or space, up to 96" wide, made from Northern White cedar.

Kids Chair

Now the children can enjoy the comfort and rustic beauty of log furniture, As you can see this is the perfect fit for our 2 year old granchild Madox. This is a really photo of his first thought after sitting was to sit back and relax. Chair is about 16" tall and about 14" wide. Should fit him for a few more years.


A NOTE ABOUT OUR PRICES & SHIPPING: All prices on our site DO NOT include shipping. When you are ready to order please email or call us at (989) 786-5089. We do this because we would rather quote your the exact shipping cost to your door. We want your business and want to give you the best possible pricing on our high-quality hand crafted log furniture.