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Handcrafted Rustic Log Beds

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Log Furniture built in Lewiston Michigan

Our Cedar Log Beds are different in the fact that no two will look just the same, they might be close but not the same, Our cedar logs are power washed and hand peeled, to leave as much of the natural beauty as possible. Cedar has such a natural beauty to it. It can be left natural to take on a natural aging look, or can be sealed.

Our beds vary depending on style and size ordered, We do have stock items but most will be made to order. Pictures are close to but might not be the item you order. Please ask for pictures.

We will use from 4" - 10 " Diameter cedar logs for most bed posts and we will either use over the top curve logs for the header or natural cedar logs for between the post headers.

Spindles are also natural cedar logs 2" - 4" in size or can also be natural twigs or branches.

All tension joints are glued with a polyurethane glue and a 3" screw for a long lasting bed. We use two side rails with Oak or maple slats.

Please view the sample and stock items below
Again no two will be just alike.

Click on Images for full size pictures

We do have a wait time of about 3-4 weeks on most items. but please bare with us if we get slammed. we try to only take on what we can get done.

Shipping is not included unless stated, Please contact us for shipping quote

Beds are sanded to a 220 grit ready for your finish.



Queen Full Size Bed

Log Furniture made by Cedar Stuf in Northren Michigan,

Our custom built White Cedar Log Beds are built to your room size and needs, We can use 4" cedar post or 10" log post for you corners,

We harvest all of our material from the forest floor after an area has been harvested by Loggers.

  Handcrafted Log Bed   full bed sm   
Cedar Log Bed Tall

Custom Cedar Log Beds

We can build to fit your needs, 6" post are about 72" tall  and mattress is raised 16" off the floor.

This unit has been stained for the customer,(additional cost) early American with a few nice coats of finish.

Ranch Queen - full size Bed

Headboard and footboard corner Post 5" -7 " x 48" tall
Ranch Style Top rail runs over post about 6"
Footboard 36" tall, Log bed rails with 3 oak slats for support. All beds are sanded and ready for your finish. Complete with all hardware.

  Handcrafted Rustic Bed  
The Lewiston Log Bed

The Lewiston Log Bed

Our Lewiston  series bed are designed with you in mind, Whether your looking for something small and branchy or large and heavy. We will create the bed for you.

Starting with a standard bed price we add for the different styles, Call for pricing.


Beds being made just for you we can add an inches or take away a inch. Bigger post or smaller post don't hesitate to ask. Beds are sanded to aa 220 grit ready for your finish  There's no extra charge for most request.

  Ranch Style handcrafted log bed   PICT   
Cedar Log Beds

Our twin beds are a perfect fit for the smaller bedroom. We use a 4" post, Headboard post are 36" tall. footboard is 30" tall. side rails are 4" with 3" oak slats for bed supports. All hardware included. Sanded and ready for your sealer or leave natural to enjoy the rustic cedar aroma.

Full size or Queen. basic log post beds. Smaller post beds for the smaller rustic rooms. Head boards 42" footboards 36"


  Four post twin beds   bed stainedth   
Tall with Twig accents

Twig Accent Beds

These tall accent beds have up to a 6' headboard and 54" footboard. The headboards are tall and accented with assorted twigs and smaller limbs. We try to keep sharp and open ends away from the sleeping area. Beds are sanded ready for your finish.

These images are samples, actual item will be close but different. Please call for special request.


  Twig style headboard with branch accents, 72 tall starting at $550   queen bed limbs tall footth    queen bed limbs tallx   
Wood burned Headboards

Headboards have a large natural cedar slab as the center with your choice of wood burning. Full or Queen size beds, Headboard 54" tall and 48" footboard. 4" cedar log side rail. with oak wood slats for support.

Price for wood burned headboards starting at $600.00

  Woodburned head boardsm horse starting at $650.00  
Cedar Log Dressers

Check these natural cedar dressers out, These are made from all northern michigan white cedar, Remember tress are not kill for these items. We use the remains of forested area to gain our product.

Dresser gone in many sizes, we build for you1 Our basic 5' dress shown at right is great storage area. Large drawers made from all natural cedar, but yes they have a plywood bottom to add straight and finish to the area for you items.

We start of with a 2" x 2" base frame covered in 1/4" plywood and then add 1/2 hardwood plywood to the two sides for great straight and rigidity. The back side is again cover with 1.4" plywood.

After getting the shell and drawer frames and supports in we are set to start to make the outer shelf of your great rustic cedar dresser. We cover the side with natural edge cedar slabs, these should have a little bark or character to them not just square boards. sometimes these pcs. are round logs that i take and flatter myself to get the boards needed.

Then the face is built and glued up with the drawer openings. and fastened to the side frames. Now we have a solid box, if you look hard you can tell its a baby dresser.

The we use is about a 2" slab, I say about because there different. They are cut at 2.5 inches but sometimes one will need more clean up then the others. I try to use a one pcs 2" slab but this is always no possible, sometimes i need to spline and glue another pcs to the back edge, this will still create front and back a natural edge.

We sand everything to a 150 grit ready for you fun then, we can give you advice on the finish its so easy you can do it in the living room, with no smell on and no brush marks.

We build them for you so if you need a special size, give us a call.

  6 drawer, cedar log dresser  
Wardrobe Armoire

A beautiful addition to your bedroom, Rustic log and attractive 2 drawer armoire is the perfect way to add a lot of storage and a lot of style. With its rustic yet soft log accents, this chest features two drawers that roll on metal drawer slides with safety stops, and two doors that open to reveal plenty of space. Two adjustable shelf and one fixed. This armoire is 36 inches wide, 48 inches tall, and 22 inches deep. Is sanded to a 220 grit ready for your finish.

  Natural cedar slabs for doors and drawers fronts   PICT   

A NOTE ABOUT OUR PRICES & SHIPPING: All prices on our site DO NOT include shipping. When you are ready to order please email or call us at (989) 786-5089. We do this because we would rather quote your the exact shipping cost to your door. We want your business and want to give you the best possible pricing on our high-quality hand crafted log furniture.